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Learn what the possibilities are for turtle Coding here at Turtle U Know and other Web Sites.  Art and Computers just always seem to go hand and hand.

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Projects up and coming for the young and Senior community.  Turtles are a vital part of society as are artist and computers.

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Calendar of Events will list events both computer, art and business related that you may find interesting.  Please let me know if there is an event I have not posted.

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Let me know if there is a particular class that you would like training in.  If I get the right number of students I will provide simple and easy training made fun.

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My Name Is rEggiE wAnzA and I am an self taught artist with training at the Art Institute of Atlanta and the Atlanta College of Art.  I have Served in the Navy for 20 years where I retired a Senior Chief Radioman and Former Data Processing Chief.  Since retiring from the Navy I have worked for Fortune 500 Companies in Leadership Roles such as: Senior System Integrator, Senior System Admin, Senior Consultant and Assistant Vice President.  I have listed just a few of the companies that I have provided services for since 1998.

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Artificial Department of Artificial Intelligence

The over utility use of the two words Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all a buz.  Add Artificial Intelligence to your company port folio must be the intelligent thing to do.  Read More